It's very simple.

Registered users need to log in at 6ixxer Rummy with their respective user-id and password. Click on the tab 'Play Rummy' to enters the lobby. Once you enter into the lobby, you just need to choose your game and table, as that click to join.

If you are a non-registered user or first-time player, you just need to first register yourself with "6ixxer Rummy" to enjoy this game online. For registration, you have to choose a unique user name and enter a valid email ID.

It's very easy. Simply click on the button "ADD CASH" and follow the simple steps mentioned below to add Real Cash to your 6ixxer Rummy Account.

To add cash, you just need to log in to your 6ixxer rummy account.

  • So, click on "MY ACCOUNT".
  • Once you are successfully logged in, click on "MY ACCOUNT" or on the "ADD CASH" button on the games lobby.
  • After that, you need to fill the mandatory information to process an online transaction.
  • You can select any amount of money between Rs. 25 and Rs. 10,000.
  • Pick any gateway for online transaction, such as -Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or Cash Card

It is as simple as adding money. Your money is safe in your 6ixxer Rummy account. You can only withdraw the equivalent amount shown on your Account Details.

To withdraw the account, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Log in to your 6ixxer Rummy Account
  • Simply click on "WITHDRAWAL" and choose the modes of transfer –Online Transfer.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Fill your bank details and then click on the "CONTINUE" button

Note: PAN Card is mandatory for placing a withdrawal request.

To play rummy on the 6ixxer Rummy platform, you should have a user account on 6ixxer If you don't have, create it with a unique username and password, and your email address.

Once your account is successfully created, you can enjoy rummy online at our platform anytime. Click here - to create an account..

Sorry to say, NO!
We do not allow people living in these 3 states to play rummy at our platform. Due to the state laws, Telangana/Assam/Odisha states don't allow its residents to play cash Rummy games online or offline, because the game is illegal here.

Yes, it is essential. This is a mandatory step, in which we verify your given email ID, to ensure that this email belongs to you. Email-id is confirmed by clicking the activation link, mailed to you on your authentic email address for registration.

Because your email ID is the only means by which "6ixxer Rummy" can connect with you. Through this, we can keep you updated with our various new and exciting offers and the information regarding your account. You may also get in touch with "6ixxer Rummy" team via this registered email ID.

Okay, Firstly, ensure that you are a registered user. Also, make sure you have activated your account by clicking on the activation link sent to your registered email. If you are registered user and have an active account on "6ixxer Rummy", but still you are not able to log in, then maybe the chances that you are entering a wrong username/ password. If you forgot your username/password, then "Click Here" to renew your password.

You don't bother or panic. At "6ixxer Rummy" you can renew your password. Click on forgot password link, and enter your registered email ID. An email with a reset password link along with further instructions would be emailed to you.

No, the Player cannot change or modify their username once created or registered. Hence we would like to suggest you that choose a user name with utmost care while registering your account. It should be unique and easy to remember. You can also conceal your actual identity of discretion is what you seek. Your counterparts at the table (while playing online Rummy) can view your username.

In order to change or edit profile details, you will have to write an email to our support team at We give a prompt response to cater to your problem.