Rummy Rules: How to Play Online Rummy

How Many People Play Rummy Online?

The 13 cards of rummy game usually played between 2 to 6 Players. For two players, 1 deck of 52 cards and for more than 2 players, 2 decks of 52 cards are used.

What is a Deck of Cards?

It is a complete set of 52 cards, which consists of 4 suits (SPADES, CLUBS, HEARTS, and DIAMONDS) with 13 cards each. Cards of each suit rank from low to high- such as Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K.

What is Set?

It is a group of three to four cards of the same suites, whether it can be a SPADES, CLUBS, HEARTS, and DIAMONDS.

What is Sequence?

Sequence, where three or more consecutive cards belong to the same suit.

What is a Drop?

Drop is a powerful rummy trick. The player has the flexibility to skip any particular round before drawing the first card.

What is the First Drop?

A player can exercise the first drop in his/her very first turn. He/she will get only 20 points for the first drop.

What is Middle Drop?

In which, players can skip or choose not to play after a round starts by either drawing or discarding any cards. You will get 40 points. If a player decides to drop the game in the second or third turn, then it is considered as a middle drop.

What is a Table in Rummy?

It is a place where a game of rummy is played. Basically, one set of the rummy game is played on Table.

What is Joker?

  • Wild Joker- It can be selected randomly from a closed deck- and the player can use this in place of any card to create a set or sequence. For example, if you have 1, 2, and 4 cards of the same suit, then you can use Joker after 2 to create a set.
  • Printed Joker- It also has the same role in a rummy game. A player can use it in order to create a pure sequence. For example, you can replace any card with a printed Joker.

What are Chips?

To play rummy on, Chips are required. When a player wants to play rummy on our online platform, some specific amount of chips are deducted from his/her 6ixxer Rummy account. There are three types of Chips, such as –

  • Practice Chips: Play with chips are free and it can be reloaded anytime the balance falls below 1000. To avail of this, you have to register yourself with us. Players can get unlimited numbers of Practice Chips in batches of 10,000.
  • Real Chips: It is for Real Play. In which, you have to play with cash and win cash. In order to avail Real Chips, the player needs to buy them online (by depositing cash through multiple available options) before entering a game of Real Play.

What is Dealing?

To start playing, cards are dealt in a clockwise direction.

What is Draw and Discard?

For arranging 13 cards whether in a SET or in a Sequence, a player has to discard his unwanted card and pick the needed card from Open Deck, which is just discarded by his previous player and has to draw a card from Closed Deck. To put it simply, there are 2 stacks from which each player can select cards, thereby drawing a card. Once a player draws a card, he has to get rid of one card - this is called discarding. To draw, a player can do this either from the closed un-dealt cards or the open discarded pile.

What is Meld and Show?

In Rummy Game, each player is provided with 13 cards. In this game, players need to arrange all the cards either in a set or in a sequence. Once, he/she made a set or sequence, he/she can submit the cards in groups for validation.

  • Show -The process of submitting cards is known as Show.
  • Meld or Melding-In order to have a successful Show, the players have to arrange all the cards into Lives or Sets- and the action of arranging cards is called Meld or Melding.

What is a Group?

Grouping depends on the player's choice. If a player arranges two or more cards, he/she is shown in the "Group" button. What you need to do is, click the "Group" button and create a separate group for the selected cards. At 6ixxerrummy, you can create a maximum 6 on the table at one point in time.

What Does Term Full Count Means?

The maximum possible score for one Round is 80 points at 6ixxer Rummy.

What Does the Terms Deck Reshuffling Mean?

When all cards are finished, 6ixxer Rummy reshuffle the cards to resume play- and this process is called reshuffle. This process is done by using all the cards whether it is discarded or dropped by the players. Initial dropped and middle dropped cards are also included in this process.

How are Scores Calculated in Rummy?

Cards of each suit rank from low to high- such as Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K. Ace is used no. 1. All cards are assigned with points like AJQK are assigned 10 points & the rest of the cards are assigned points based on their FACE Value.

By default, three autoplay rounds will be provided for disconnected players. And after that, the system will decide future courses based upon players' saved group scores.

  • If you saved groups score is less than middle drop count, the game will keep in auto play mode till some other player places a show.
  • If your saved group score is more than the middle drop count, the player will be considered for the middle drop.

What are the Validation Rules?

Players must have at least 1 Pure sequence & set (Life) and (1 Life) I set or sequence with/without jokers. It can be selected randomly from a closed desk- and the player can use this in place of any card to create a set or sequence.

What is Life?

A Life is a sequence or set should be arranged at least 3 cards of the same suit. You can't create a set with more than four cards. In case, you add a joker in a set of four cards, then it will be considered as an invalid set. Apart from this, Joker is the most powerful card that helps you to win the game.

For Example

Players should have to arrange 1 Pure Life. They should also have a Life with joker. Let's understand with an example: - ( 1 Pure Life with Joker).

What is a Set?

It is a group of three to four cards of the same Value or different Suits. Let's take the example;-

For Example

What is Auto Play?

The disconnected players can join back with "Auto Play Mode".

6ixxer Rummy has launched a new feature, which is Autoplay. Suppose, you are playing rummy online at 6ixxer Rummy, and suddenly your internet is discounted, then you can join back in the running game with "Auto Play. In "Auto Play" mode, the system will take a deck card and discard the same card giving you an opportunity to Join Back in the continue game as soon as possible to reconnected thus avoiding unwanted count of 50 and 80.